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Vision Benefits

Enjoy’s vision plan is provided by VSP

Please see the plan highlight below.

You can also find further details in the benefit summary below. 






What the plan will cover


What the plan will cover

Exam Services

Covered in full after $10 copay

Covered up to $50

Prescription Glasses


Single vision lenses

Lined bifocal lenses

Lined trifocal lenses

Covered up to the allowance after $25 copay

$130 allowance

Included with frame

Included with frame

Included with frame

Covered up to $70

Covered up to $50

Covered up to $75

Covered up to $100

Elective Contacts (instead of glasses)

Covered up to $130 allowance after up to $60 copay 

Covered up to $105

Frequency of Services


Every 12/24/12 months (calendar year basis)

Every 12/24/12 months (calendar year basis)

Learn more about VSP

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Additional savings

Laser Vision Correction

Retinal Screening

You pay no more than a $39 copay for routine retinal screening.

Discounted Hearing Aids

Through the TruHearing Program, you and your dependents may receive a pair of hearing aids discounted up to 60%.

Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional prices; discount available only from contracted facilities.


You can obtain frames at Costco with a $70 frame allowance.

(1) These benefit highlights are not intended to replace the detailed information in each plan’s Summary Plan Description or Summary of Coverage. Please refer to them for limitations and exclusions and other provisions. Failure to follow rules as detailed in plan resource materials may result in a reduction in your benefits and a higher cost to you.

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