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Open Enrollment for 2022

OCTOBER 27 - NOVEMBER 10, 2021


This year, we used our supersenses to take a long look at our allies in the benefits world, our insurance carriers, and realized we need to team up with partners that offer the same exceptional experience as our Experts.

That’s why you’ll see several carrier changes for 2022, including a change from Cigna to Aetna for medical benefits, though we have ensured your coverage levels and costs will remain the same.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to change your benefits and add or drop dependents from coverage.  Changes made during Open Enrollment take effect on January 1, 2022. We want to make Open Enrollment as easy as possible for you this year.

When is Open Enrollment for 2022?

Open Enrollment at Enjoy is taking place between October 27 and November 10, 2021. That's when you need to make and submit your benefit elections for yourself and your dependents. ​

If you are a recent hire...

If you are a new hire, you need to make your benefit elections both for 2021 and 2022 via Lumity

What's Changing for 2022

Review what's changing for 2022. 

Introducing Aetna - New Medical Carrier

In 2022, our new medical carrier will be Aetna. During our renewal conversation with Cigna, they wanted to increase our medical premiums by over $3 million for 2022, so we had to look for another insurance carrier that allowed for high quality, affordability and accessible benefits. 

We found a good partner in Aetna. They are a national carrier who covers 95% of the same health care providers as Cigna. There's a good chance your doctor is already in the Aetna network. 

Although our carrier is changing, it's important to note, you will automatically transition to the comparable Aetna plan (or remain opted out) with equivalent coverage and rate. See the table below: 

What happens to my medical plan if I don't take action during Open Enrollment?

Cigna HMO 

Aetna EPO (PCP no longer required)

Aetna Managed Choice PPO

Aetna Managed Choice PPO + HSA

Opted Out

If you are currently enrolled in... 

You will automatically transition to... 

Cigna OAP 500 PPO

Cigna OAP 2000 HSA

Opted Out

Look for your new Aetna ID card

If you enroll in an Aetna plan, you will receive a new medical ID card in the mail in January. 

Transition of Care

Approved transition of care coverage allows those who are receiving ongoing treatment to continue the treatment with their current doctor for a limited time. Download theTOC form or visit the medical page.

Review your prescription drugs 

Review how your prescription drug is covered under the Aetna plans - generic, preferred brand and non-preferred.

Use the search tool here.

Find an Aetna provider

Aetna has vast networks of in-network providers; however, the name of your network may differ based on your location. Click here to review your individual plan details & network.

Resources for Living - New Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

Our new EAP will be offered through Aetna, and is available to all employees regardless of whether you decline or enroll in a medical plan. Support is available 24/7 and you will have up to 10 free therapy sessions with expert clinicians. 


Resources for Living clinicians make it easy to connect on your schedule. You have the option to talk over the phone, in-person, video call and even chat therapy.

The Hartford - New Life, Disability and Leave Administrator 

The Hartford will administer our life, AD&D, disability and leave of absence benefits beginning January 1, 2022. 


During this year's open enrollment, you may elect supplemental life and AD&D coverage up to the Guaranteed Issued amount without completing a health questionnaire or a medical exam. 

What should I do?

You need to submit the benefit elections for yourself and your dependents between October 27 - November 10, 2021 via Lumity.

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If you don’t make an election during Open Enrollment..  

  • Medical: You will automatically be enrolled in the comparable Aetna plan or remain opted out (see above). If you are currently enrolled in the Cigna HMO and take no action, you will automatically transition to the Aetna EPO plan. 

  • Dental & Vision: Your current elections will carry over to 2022. That means you will remain enrolled in your current plan or opted out.


  • Voluntary Life or AD&D: You will automatically transition to The Hartford with your current coverage amount. 


  • HSA, FSA, and Commuter Accounts: Your current election will not carry over. You must elect to contribute to these accounts in 2022 and obtain tax advantages.