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Your Mental Wellbeing

 An important part of keeping fit and healthy is to take care of your own mental health. Explore the resources below to gain tools to deal with the pressures of stress and gain coping skills. 
Mental Health & Wellness Resources 

All Enjoy employees have access to confidential mental health services through Aetna Resources for Living. Plus, your spouse or domestic partner, and your dependent children ages up to age 26 (whether or not they live at home) also have access to Resources for Living services at no cost to you. This benefit is available to ALL Enjoyers regardless of the medical plan you’re enrolled in. More details here. 

Services are confidential and available 24/7.  You can access up to 10 services, per issue, each year. 

Emotional Wellbeing Support 

  • Relationship support 

  • Stress management 

  • Work/life balance 

  • Family issues 

  • Grief and loss 

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety 

  • Substance misuse and more

  • Self-esteem and personal development 

Life Assistance 

  • Child care, summer programs for kids, parenting and adoption 

  • School and financial aid research 

  • Care for older adults 

  • Caregiver support 

  • Special needs

  • Pet care

  • Legal services including, divorce, estate and will planning, real estate transactions 

  • Financial services including; budgeting and financial planing, credit and debt issues, mortgages and refinancing, tax and IRS questions and preparation)

Resources for Living
1 (888) 238-6232 (TTY: 711) 
Username: Enjoy 
Password: EAP 
Chat with TalkSpace

Talkspace, through Aetna Resources for Living, is an online therapy platform that makes it easy and convenient for you to connect with a licensed behavioral.  

  • Login to and go to Services > Talkspace online therapy and select "Sign up for Talkspace." 

  • Select your unique needs and preferences for therapy. 

  • You will be shown three potential providers (you can always change your therapist if needed). Choose a therapist and begin messaging the same day. 

  • One week of therapy counts as one visit and there's no limit to the number of messages you can send your therapist each day. 

Unmind screenshot.png

Click to watch a video about Unmind 


Unmind is a digital mental health wellbeing platform that will be available for all Enjoyers (plus a family member or friend). You can access it on any device, anywhere, anytime. The tool takes a proactive, preventative approach to mental health and provides a variety of tools that are rooted in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology. Whether you'd like to improve your sleep, melt away tension or master distraction, Unmind has the tools and techniques to support you. Additionally, Unmind provides you access to podcasts, fitness videos, soundscapes and much more to support you in managing your mental and physical wellbeing. Anything you share with Unmind is completely confidential. 

Create your account 

Visit or download the Unmind app  (Apple or Google Play) 

  • If using the app, create an account and search "enjoy" 

  • If using a web browser, sign up using your work email

    • Enter your details and create a password. Then click sign up 

    • Check your inbox for your verification email. Check your spam if you can't find it

  • Confirm your email address. Remember this step! 

Your Unmind Beginner's Guide

  1. Take the "Introduction to Unmind Tour"to understand the key elements of Unmind

  2. Say "Hi" to Zeno. Type "Chat" to get a full list of commands and understand how you can use Zeno to move around the platform. 

  3. Complete your first Unmind Index to start tracking your mental health. From here, you'll receive guidance on areas of the platform that will best serve you. Type "Index" into Zeno and off you go! 

  4. Click "Check In" on the navigation bar to record your first entry and start your mood diary 

  5. Try some Tools - perhaps start your morning with a mindfulness tool to kick your day off and wind down, why not try a sleep tales tool. 

  6. Tap the Series icon and complete a segment of the "Introduction to Mental Health" series from the "Foundations" category. 

How to manage stress

Learn about the resources that you can rely on when you

are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 4.14.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 4.14.29 PM.png
Self-care apps 

Take advantage of these free apps. 


​Lower stress and reduce anxiety with the highly rated app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation.
Kaiser members can get Calm at no cost.

My Strength.png

myStrength™ can help you strengthen your mind and body. Find resources to help manage life challenges and strengthen emotional resilience. 

Free through Enjoy's EAP.

Kaiser Mental Health Library

Kaiser member? Start here to access your resource library.

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