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Leave and Disability Benefits

Understand the Leave of Absence and Disability

benefits you are entitled to through Enjoy.

The Hartford administers our leave of absence and disability benefits.

For leave of absences, notify your supervisor and The Hartford to determine

available options and next steps.

Short-Term Disability

  • 66.67% of weekly salary

  • Waiting period: 8 days

  • Maximum weekly benefit: $2,500

  • Maximum benefit period: 12 weeks

  • 100% paid by Enjoy

Long-Term Disability

  • 66.67% of monthly base salary

  • Waiting period: 90 days

  • Maximum monthly benefit: $10,000

  • 100% paid by Enjoy

Leave of Absences

  • For planned absences: Provide 30 day notice of your leave, or as soon as you are aware of the need.

  • For unplanned absences: Leave requests must be filed within 5 business days of the first related absence.

  • The Hartford will inform you of available leave of absence benefits that apply to your request, including notice of certification requirements. If certification is required for your leave request, please comply with provided deadlines.

Review plan details in the Benefit Summaries: 

How to file a Leave of Absence claim

  1. Contact The Hartford 

    • If your absence is scheduled: Call 30 days prior to your last day of work ​

    • If your absence is unscheduled: Call as soon as possible

  2. Have this information ready

    • Name, address and other key identification information​

    • Name of your department and last full day of active work 

    • The nature of your request 

    • Your treating physician's name, address, phone and fax number

  3. Call The Hartford or file online

    • Call 1 (888) 301-5615, or ​

    • File online at

To file a claim or request a leave contact The Hartford at 1-888-301-5615 or visit
Policy Number: 715043

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