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Kaiser resources

Discover Kaiser resources and easily connect with your doctor at Kaiser


Your Online Account at

You can manage your health by using Kaiser’s secure website or download the Kaiser Permanente app:

  • Find doctors and locations

  • Schedule or cancel appointments

  • Email your doctors

  • Join a video visit

  • View most test results and immunizations

  • View and refill prescriptions

  • Manage care for your entire family

Learn more about the Kaiser Permanente app at


Access to Care

There are many ways for you to obtain care from Kaiser physicians:

  • 24/7 appointments and advice

  • Same-day or next-day urgent care appointments

  • In-person, phone or video visits available

  • Email your doctors


Prescription Drug

You can call Kaiser or go online at to transition your prescriptions from your current pharmacy.


Kaiser California:  (800) 464-4000

Kaiser Northwest:  (888) 491-1124

Kaiser Washington:  (888) 901-4636

Visit for further details

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