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Your Financial Wellbeing

Financial planning at Enjoy looks different for each of us. Plan for the future through tax-advantaged accounts and by making smart financial decisions everyday. 
How to save for the future

It is never too early to start managing your financial future and planning for retirement. Enjoy 401(k) plan is an easy, tax-friendly way to help you reach your future financial goals.

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What's the difference between an HSA & FSA? 

Enjoy offers two distinct types of tax-advantaged accounts to help you pay for health care expenses on a pre-tax basis. Discover how these accounts can help you save money.

Track your finances with Personal Capital 

Personal Capital is an online platform that can help you track your finances, including stock options.

Financial wellness & goal setting

Resources for Living EAP has an expansive financial resource center. From general financial planning topics to resources for specific issues like qualifying for a home loan, planning for college and even setting a budget. Find tips on the following financial planning topics: 

  • Understanding your personal finances 

  • Avoiding common money mistakes

  • Calculating your debt-to-income ratio 

  • Repairing your credit score 

  • Teaching your kids about money

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Know where to go for care

Save money during the year by taking advantage of free preventive care and knowing where to go for medical care. 

Aetna Resources

Kaiser Resources 

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