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New Hire Enrollment Checklist

As a New Hire, you must enroll for benefits within 30 days

of your hire date. Your coverage will begin on the 1st of the

month coinciding or following your date


Please use the checklist below to ensure that you 

have completed all the necessary steps before enrolling.


Review the 2022 benefit options


Review the 2022 plan costs


Enroll via Lumity within 30 days of your hire date. Please also be sure to update your personal information (address, phone number, etc.) in Lumity. You will need to make enrollment decisions for the following coverages:

Benefits at Enjoy


Enroll in your 401(k) account

Please note that 401(k) enrollment can be completed at any time after receipt of their first paycheck from Enjoy.


Contact ADP at 1-866-695-7526 if you have any questions about 401(k).


Check out the new employee discounts program and take advantage of those savings. Use Referral code UNY8UV when registering.

* You must be enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan with an HSA to be able to elect and make contributions toward your Health Savings Account (HSA). You should review your HSA contribution during Open Enrollment every year. (You are allowed to change your HSA contribution monthly during the year. The change is effective prospectively.)

Every year you must renew your FSA and Commuter accounts to obtain tax advantages. You must enroll and enter your elected contribution amount for each account every year. These benefits do NOT automatically roll over.

New hires: ready to make your elections?

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